Today's Birthday

迷人的保姆Your energy levels will fluctuate over the coming year but it won’t be a problem if you take note of how you are feeling and adapt what you do to fit your level of vitality. No one expects you to be Superman, so don’t expect it of yourself.


迷人的保姆This is a good time to stand back from what you are working on and ask yourself if it remains true to your original design. If you are still happy with it then carry on. But if it could be better in some way then make a few adjustments.


迷人的保姆Put principles before profit today and make sure others don’t lose out if you gain in some way. More than any other sign you are sensitive to other people’s suffering, so see to it that all your actions are guided by compassion.


迷人的保姆Put what other people expect of you out of your mind and focus only on what you expect of yourself – and you should expect everything. Only you know how high you intend to climb, but the rest of the world will discover soon enough.


迷人的保姆If you want something enough you will always find a way to get it, and because other people know that is true they often come to you for assistance. Do what you can for others today but make sure it is morally defensible.


If someone tries to blame their troubles on you today you must not let them get away with it. Even if you feel sorry for them because of the predicament they have got themselves into you don’t need to suffer for it yourself.


迷人的保姆You should feel at one with the world at the moment after several weeks of having things pretty much your own way. Keep that feeling going as long as you can but be aware too that there will be new challenges coming up soon.


You could easily get carried away with your own magnificence today, especially if those around you praise you to the skies. It’s good that they believe in you, of course, but watch out they don’t inflate your ego so far it bursts!


Anything is possible if you want it enough and that is going to be part of your struggle over the next few weeks – actually wanting what you know you can get. While your material ambitions are certainly important, your spiritual outlook is what truly matters.


Go where your instincts take you today and be ready to change course at the drop of a hat. If you think the changes that have been taking place of late have been interesting, wait until you see what the universe serves up next!


迷人的保姆Find a quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts and feelings over the next 24 hours. If you allow the ceaseless chatter of the outside world to constantly bombard your senses you may never come to any worthwhile decisions.


迷人的保姆What you say in public and what you believe in private will be two completely different things today. You are smart enough to know that there are some things it is not prudent to say, at least not until the world has caught up with your thinking.


If an opportunity of some kind comes your way today you must take advantage of it fully and instantly. If you hesitate for even a few seconds you may find that someone nips in ahead of you and seizes what should have been yours.