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迷人的保姆In the world of personal finances, you have three options to choose from: Either pay for an accountant or professional to handle the books for you, learn how to manage your own personal wealth or simply do nothing at all.

First things first, we definitely don’t recommend the last option. But when it comes to paying for an accountant or becoming one yourself, we favor the latter approach. Why? There’s nothing more empowering financially than knowing exactly how to trade stocks, make lucrative real-estate decisions, or build your personal wealth completely solo.

If you’re ready to take control of your personal finances and start accumulating more personal wealth (and fast), it is worth enrolling in The Complete Personal Finance Master Class Bundle, now $39.99. This expert-led crash course covers the ins and outs of financial management, stock trading, and real estate through 59 hours of online training content. The idea is that with this training under your belt, you’ll have a whole host of strategies at your disposal to help you get out of credit card debt, build your assets and net worth and save for your retirement.

Curious about what the curriculum looks like? Ahead, we’re highlighting each of the nine courses featured in the bundle.

The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect, Make More

迷人的保姆If there was an A-list of the online teaching community, Chris Haroun would be among the elites. He’s previously taught over 800,000 online students on the ins and outs of the finance and business world and has hundreds of thousands of stellar reviews that back his teaching methods. In this course, students will learn the pillars of saving, protecting, and making money, from Haroun so that they can grow their finances with ease.

Volume Trading 101: Day Trading Stocks With Volume Analysis

迷人的保姆You don’t need to be a Wolf of Wall Street to make some serious dough through day trading. Throughout this course’s 23 lectures, you’ll learn the tenants of profitably trading stocks, specifically through volume analysis. What’s what is that all of the strategies taught in the course are employed by trading and investment professionals on a daily basis.

Day Trading 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Stocks

Get a primer on the stock market with this crash course (which has been rated an impressive 4.5 stars from its current online student body). Throughout the two hours of tutorials, students will learn how to properly create a trading plan, how to best profit in any type of market condition, and even how to pinpoint why a certain stock is going up or down. Plus, the course also comes with 13 multiple-choice quizzes as well as a trading ebook to help reinforce their online learning.

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Analysis

The best way to learn about commercial real estate? Dive into a variety of real-life case studies alongside a real estate pro. This 31-part course does just that, by pairing digital students up with instructor Symon He (real estate investor, broker, and consultant) who can help them understand the nuances of dozens of real-world, real-estate scenarios.

Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Analysis

Once tried your hand at a few case studies, you can graduate to He’s second real estate course in the bundle, The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Analysis. During this six-hour class, you’ll learn the art of flipping a rental property, from understanding what defines a good investment from a bad one to confidently evaluating the return potential. All the course material is broken down into bite-sized lessons so that you can easily follow along (even if you’re a complete novice to real estate).

Personal Finance Masterclass

Achieving financial freedom isn’t easy, but when you know how to set (and stick to) a budget, understand where to best invest your retirement funds and have a plan of attack to chip away at your loans or credit card debts, it becomes wholly possible. Let this 4.3-star rated course show you the ropes with its whopping 102 personal finance lessons.

The Complete Personal Finance Course

迷人的保姆We’re always told we should invest our money wisely — but what exactly does that mean? The Complete Personal Finance Course helps break this down into terms that aren’t so vague, by providing resources and insider knowledge that will help you build your wealth through new assets, stocks, or savings funds.

CFA Level 1 Quantitative Analysis

You love the financial industry so much, you’re ready to kickstart your career as a CFA (or chartered financial analyst). Go you! In order to become a fully-fledged CFA, you’ll need to master mathematical formulas, theories, and financial calculations. That’s where this quantitive analysis course can help. Throughout its 93 lessons, the course arms students with knowledge on interpreting interest rates, defining opportunity costs, calculating probabilities, and explaining key theorems — all of which are integral components of becoming a CFA.

The Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course

迷人的保姆Aimed at being the most comprehensive financial analyst course on the web, the Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course (led by Chris Haroun) covers 22 hours and 229 lectures of content which dives into basic concepts like how an IPO or risk management works and then progresses students to more expert-level training on conducting financial analysis on Excel, building out a financial model and managing a portfolio.

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Filed under 7/21/20