Become a Sam’s Club member plus receive a $45 eGiftcard with this exclusive offer

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Contrary to popular belief, bulk shopping is not just for doomsday preppers and those who have plenty of mouths to feed at home. It is ideal for anyone who loves a deal, plain and simple.

Big box stores like Sam’s Club boast massive savings not only on groceries, but on electronics, furniture, clothing, toiletries and home goods all year long. And in moments where you do need to stock up on everyday essentials (*cough, cough* during a pandemic), you can score a great deal on bulk food items, too.

Sales aside, the biggest difference between shopping at a Sam’s Club versus a traditional department store or digital marketplace is the fact that you’ll need a membership in order to enjoy the savings (the most basic membership at Sam’s Club starts at $45). If the annual price has felt like a barrier to entry in the past, this new deal might be just the trick to convince you otherwise.

Currently, a Sam’s Club Membership bundled with two eGiftcards (one at $25 and the other for $20) is priced at just $45迷人的保姆. Think of it as getting your membership for free. For new Sam’s Club Members who opt into the deal, they will receive a $25 eGiftcard to use right away. And then after they spend their first $20 at, a second $20 eGiftcard will be sent to them via email. Hey, sometimes it pays (literally) to shop. And even after you’ve spent $45, you’ll still get to enjoy future savings with a brand new Sam’s Club membership card.

To see the full details of the Sam’s Club Membership and $45 eGiftcard deal, and to sign up for a Sam’s Club card of your own, click here.

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Filed under 7/20/20